Often compared to nearby Venice due to the numerous streams that run through it and give it glimpses of rare charm, Treviso can still be reflected in the description that it was given by its illustrious citizen Giovanni Comisso who defined it as “a very kind medieval structure at play. bizarre with the clear waters of the rivers that cross it and neither the destruction of wars nor the bad taste of men still manage to change “. Although partially altered by the richness and interventions, often contested, carried out over the years at the turn of the Third Millennium, Treviso still maintains a gentle and reserved aspect where, alongside the most famous and popular places, there are hidden minor streets, alleys, rivals, canals and barbacani that keep the charm of a city rich in history intact. Almost jealous of its intimacy, the city seems to offer itself to the slow investigation of an early morning stroll on a holiday when, truly authentic, it knows how to amaze and deeply mark the memories of its visitors.

Photo Credits: Didier Descouens

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